Slyde Innovations

Slyde Innovations was created to provide a unique security and storage solution for the workspace. As workstations get smaller, and smartphones, tablets and laptops become more numerous, the need to store and charge these devices while freeing up desktop space has become increasingly important. Slyde products help ensure the safety of important mobile devices, tablets, and laptop computers, while also clearing the desktop from clutter of these multiple electronics.

The company was founded by 20-year veterans of the commercial furniture industry who wanted to create a product line to tailor the needs of their clients in the modern office. Knowing the importance of maximizing a company’s real estate footprint, many clients began adopting the open floor plan and space-saving benching systems, which left their associates with less space at their individual workstation . The idea was formulated to remove utility plugs from the desktop and house them in secure and elegant under and over desk charging docks.