Nuans Design Offers Seating and Tables for Hospitality and Office Environments

Nuans Design

Nuans Design started its journey in 2012 with the aim of making the interiors of North America more beautiful though fresh and stunning furniture designs. They started sourcing and heavily warehousing designs that are exclusive, unique, either never introduced to North American Market before or underrepresented. Their goal is clear – to bring high-quality design into people’s daily lives, through furniture at affordable prices.

Nuans has a flair to spot and feature most talented up-and-coming international designers and their latest lines. They believe that a furniture piece should satisfy more than just a function. They understand that thoughtfully designed spaces we live or work in have a significant impact on not only our physical lives but are especially important for mindful well being.

They are dedicated to showcasing an exclusive, meticulously curated collection of contemporary furniture. Nuans Design represents progressive international brands & designers. They support and promote emerging talent as well as established designers that promote modernity, seek innovation, and create original and timeless designs with a commitment to the high-quality craft.

Nuans Design activities span the entire supply chain: sourcing, manufacturing, importing and distributing high-quality contemporary furniture. Most of the items in the entire collection are contract quality and are used in corporate offices, restaurants, and hotels around the world. Nuans offers wholesales furniture to a wide variety of customers including contract furniture dealers, retailers, purchasing agencies, designers and project specifiers. Having both East and West Coast facilities, Nuans aims to remain a pioneer in the industry by maintaining a successful combination of products and exceptional customer service. In addition, their commitment to the authentic designs to be accessible to anyone impacts the fact that they set their margins at the lowest levels for every furniture item they sell.